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Some fun activities for Houston preschoolers for learning numbers

Posted on 08-26-2014


Your preschooler should begin to acquire math skills as soon as possible. The place to start is by teaching your child about numbers. There are a number of ways for you make learning math and number skills exciting and enjoyable for your child, thereby increasing his or her learning speed and supporting your child’s brain potential.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Copperfield in Houston, Texas, we know how important it is to start young children learning such skills, and we know that supplementing preschool learning by teaching at home helps your child reinforce and retain his or her lessons much more effectively. It is also a bonding experience for you and your child. Here are some learning games that are easy and fun:

Counting fingers and toes

Your preschooler has a natural love for play, especially with his or her hands and feet. Your child will enjoy learning to count his or her fingers and toes.

Building blocks

Another way for your child to learn to count is with building blocks. These blocks, such as Lego, come in many different shapes and colors, and you can help your child match and count different color or different size blocks.

Color or paint by number

Your child will enjoy any activity involving painting or coloring. You can either buy some color or paint by number workbooks or help your child create a self-designed number project. Your child will learn as he or she creates and either paints or colors the different pictures, such as stars, trees or animals.

Online number games

There are endless amounts of number, counting and basic math games, which you can download or stream online, that your child will find engaging and fun.

If you are concerned about your child learning the fundamental skills he or she will need in elementary school and beyond, find out about our excellent AdvancED accredited preschool program and exclusive curriculum that provides high quality learning with fun and care. Contact us today.

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