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Houston day care: Nature and nurture and early brain development for my child

Posted on 11-12-2014

brain_waves_houston_txHuman behavior is affected by both nature and nurture. Nature refers to the inherited (genes) characteristics and tendencies that affect brain development. Nurture, on the other hand, refers to the environmental conditions that influence development. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Copperfield we work closely with brain development. We utilize our Brain Waves™ curriculum to achieve full mental stimulation for each child.

Below we have listed information on nature and nurture as it relates to your child’s brain development.


During the first three years, the brain establishes and reinforces connections with other neurons. These connections are called synapses. The older your child gets, the more complex the synapses become. Using the analogy of a tree, it will have more and more branches as it grows. Your child’s brain, by the age of three, will create more synapses than needed. However, the synapses that are not used regularly are eliminated. The ones that are used frequently become a permanent part of the brain. Mental stimulation is vital for proper brain development during these early years.


Your child will learn more about the world, through interactions with peers, caregivers, teachers, and the environment. Nurturing, love, support and care will help ensure the connections and development of your child’s brain. By surrounding your child with a positive and caring environment, you encourage creativity and self confidence. Studies show that a child will look to the parent for answers to these questions:

  • How do I behave?
  • Am I competent?
  • Am I important to others?
  • What things interest me?

It is your role as a parent to guide your child, and provide the best environment, for optimal brain development and future success.

For more information on our Brain Waves™ curriculum in Houston, contact us today. 

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