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Fun Spelling Games for Your Preschooler in Copperfield, Texas

Posted on 01-16-2015


You can encourage your preschooler to develop a solid academic foundation by making learning fun. Spelling games will help build your child’s vocabulary, memory, and language skills, and can be fun either individually or as a group. Try some of these ideas at home:

  1. Design a mini spelling bee based on the format of the famous Scripps National Spelling Bee. Your child can either play with you or with friends. Group words together according to different levels of complexity, starting with something your child is sure to know. For each correct spelling, assign points, and for more difficult words, you can give a small reward. Challenge your child to learn the words for the next day and repeat the game.
  2. Scrabble is fun for an evening with family or friends. Split the group with one adult on each child’s team and help your child learn the rules and discover new words. Each team has seven lettered tiles that are used to form interlocking words on the game board and score points. The winning team can receive a small but fun reward.
  3. Word searches can be downloaded and printed from the internet. These come in various levels of complexity and with different themes, so choose ones that will appeal to your child’s interests and abilities. Give your child a colored marker to highlight new words. This type of activity keeps your child focused.

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